I collated this blog in order to conflate my favorite things about mathematics. I will conscientiously share fascinating articles , my course content, and hopefully any publications or new things I have learned throughout my education. I want this site to be full of articles subjecting erudite scholars who made the discussion on mathematics fun and interesting.

Thank you for joining me and please comment any suggestions or subjects you would like me to touch base on!

About Me

Hello and welcome to the acute angle blog. My name is Maria Diaz and I am a mathematician. I graduated from the University of California, Riverside with my Bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics in 2018. While attending the University of California, Riverside, I was on the Dean’s List, was  apart of a student organization for all 4 years and did research in Algebraic Geometry with Professor Gonzalez. I recently graduated from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona where I received my Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics. I was one of the lucky few which was granted a teaching associate position where I taught undergraduate Trigonometry to 31 students each semester. During my two year Master program I took classes such as Statistical Consulting, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Mathematical Modeling. I am passionate about coding and my preferred computer language is Python although I am comfortable coding in R, MATLAB, and C++. I hope to use my skills in a powerful way in order to improve our community.


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